Vincent van Gogh was born and raised in Brabant. He produced his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters here. Go in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh in Zundert, Nuenen and ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Offer applicable for groups between 15 and 60 persons.


Birthplace of Vincent

Markt 27, Zundert
Contact: Mr. Ron Dirven
+31 623301249

Van Gogh House – Zundert (30 min.)
Zundert is the place of birth of Van Gogh (1853 – 1890) and The Vincent van Gogh house is filled with memories and experiences. Vincent himself will take you on an audio tour full of visual surprises. You will be able to discover where and how Vincent van Gogh lived during his childhood. Walk through the garden, visit the church, see his younger brother’s grave. Vincent’s presence can still be felt everywhere and you can get to know him better. A lively art centre situated on the birthplace of one of history’s most famous artists. The Van Gogh House is not a classic museum but an active experience for the art lover and tourist alike. Museum shop and Brasserie Auberge Van Gogh available.

Special offer:
Entrance museum and audio tour (ENG, FR, IT, SP, JAP, and GER) € 4 p.p. Normal price: € 6 p.p.

Guided walking tour (30 min.)
A tour along several Van Gogh hotspots in town. Sextons house, artist-in-residence gallery and the grave of Vincent´s elder brother.

Special offer:
€ 2 p.p. with English-speaking guide
Normal price: € 3 p.p.
min. 15 persons

Van Gogh Village

Berg 29, Nuenen •
Contact: Mrs. Simone van der Heiden
+31 615865857

Museum Vincentre – Nuenen (30-45 min.)

The green village of Nuenen, only 10 km from Eindhoven, will give you an insight into the life of Vincent van Gogh, when he lived here from 1883-1885. His first main work The Potato Eaters was painted here. You can walk where Vincent once walked, sit where Vincent once sat, and still see what Vincent once saw. So, something really unique! You can experience in real life the lovely and unusual locations he painted. Walk the Van Gogh village experience which is an Open air Museum and visit all these wonderful sites.

See the interesting museum, the movie, go back in time and witness the details about his difficult life. All this using the latest presentation techniques. Afterwards it’s time to explore the village experience. With a booklet it’s up to you how long you want to walk. Within one hour or take half a day for seeing all the Van Gogh locations. Museum shop and coffee corner on the ground floor.

Special offer:
Entrance museum € 5.50 p.p. and audio (ENG, FR, IT, SP, JAP, CHI and GER) tour € 1.35 p.p.
Normal price: € 7 p.p. and € 1.75 per audio tour.

Guided walking tour (60 min.)

A tour along several of the 21 existing Van Gogh hotspots. Among which the Parsonage where he lived, the Dutch Reformed Church where his father preached and which he painted for his mother.

Special offer:
€ 4 p.p. with English-speaking guide
Normal price: € 5 p.p. min. 15 persons

Het Noordbrabants Museum – ’s-Hertogenbosch

Verwersstraat 41,
Contact: Reserveringen
+31 736877820

Het Noordbrabants Museum is the only location in Brabant where actual paintings by Van Gogh can be viewed. You will see the peasant women from The Potato Eaters here, his father’s parsonage and the unspoilt Brabant landscape for which Van Gogh was always homesick.

Special offer:
Entrance museum: € 9 p.p.
Normal price: € 12 p.p.

Guided walking tour (total 50 min., van Gogh 25 min.)
A tour along several van Gogh masterpieces.

Special offer:
€ 13.50 p.p. with English, German of French speaking guide.
Normal price: € 16.50 min. 15 persons

Optional Excursions in Zundert and Nuenen

“The Young Vincent”

In both the Van Gogh House and the Vincentre a lecture by a Van Gogh specialist is possible which tells the story of the young Van Gogh who was born and raised in Brabant. Via a series of photo slides you get informed about his carefree childhood and experience where he developed his love of the farmland, the countryside and the simplistic lifestyle. This presentation can be held in both Zundert and Nuenen.

Duration: 60 minutes
Includes: PowerPoint presentation, one drink.
Net price*: 1 – 4 people: € 25 per group + € 5 p.p.
5 – 24 people: € 10 p.p. 25 people or more: € 9.50 p.p.
children 6 to 17 years: € 6 p.p.

“Van Gogh walking experience”

Nuenen is a treasure chest of locations that Van Gogh recorded on canvas. Across the road from the parsonage where he lived and worked is the Vincentre, formerly the Town Hall where Vincent registered as a resident. It is now a fascinating museum and the starting point for a walking tour with a guide past several of these locations. You will without doubt recognise some of the buildings from his famous works.

Duration: 90 minutes
Includes: Entrance to the Vincentre and a walking tour with a guide past Van Gogh locations
Net price*: 1 – 4 people: € 25 per group + € 5 p.p.
5 – 24 people: € 10 p.p. 25 people or more: € 9.50 p.p.
children 6 to 17 years: € 6 p.p.

“Van Gogh cycling experience”

In countless letters, many written during his stay in Nuenen, Van Gogh made it clear just how much he loved Brabant, its landscapes and its people. During the subsequent cycle tour through the village and past 22 of the locations that are connected with the artist, your guide will captivate you with anecdotes. You will see the parsonage where he lived, the church he painted for his mother and the cottage where his first masterpiece The Potato Eaters came into being.

Duration: 150 minutes
Includes: entrance to the Vincentre, cycle hire and cycle tour with guide.
Net price*: 1 – 4 people, € 60 per group + € 15.50 p.p.
5 or more people: € 28 p.p.

“Paint like Van Gogh”

Have you ever dreamed of painting like the great master Van Gogh? Now it’s possible and everyone can take home a piece of artwork afterwards. A professional artist will guide you through the process step by step and together you will create your masterpiece. In order to get the necessary inspiration you will begin with a visit to the Vincentre and a walk through the village past several famous Van Gogh locations.
Duration: 3 ½ hours
Includes: Entrance to the Vincentre, a guided walk and workshop led by a professional artist, coffee, tea, frame and materials.
Net price*: 5 – 7 people: € 205 per group + € 10 p.p.
8 or more people: € 32 p.p.