Tuinen van Appeltern
Walstraat 2a
6629 AD Appeltern
telefoon + 31(0)487 541732

In Appeltern, located in the province of Gelderland, are “the gardens of Appeltern” .

The Van Gogh-fields

In the middle of the park with natural ponds and natural vistas to the polder Van Gogh fields are located around an existing authentic gardenhouse, willows and old fashioned pavement are decorated with all kinds of sunflower field types.

Gardens festival 2015: a garden for Vincent

At least 100 designers get started with ‘ a garden for Vincent ‘. The 10 most beautiful gardens will be chosen and can be viewed as from April 20th 2015. There are ten spaces of 10 by 10 metres in which Vincent, Vincent’s work or Vincent’s life are portrayed.

Groups up to 20 people gross price € 12.50 per person (10% Commission for tour operators)
Groups from 20 persons gross price € 10,50 per person (10% Commission for tour operators)

The cities of Arnhem, Nijmegen (the oldest town of Holland) and the Veluwe area do offer many attractive guest facilities.
As from September 2014 several Van Gogh packages will be offered to the travel trade via