21 June 2016

On 3 July 2016, a 15 km guided walk in Vincent van Gogh’s footsteps in the Borinage (1878-1880) will be organised.

During this walk visitors will discover the following:

  • The places where Vincent Van Gogh lived and worked while he was an evangelist among the miners in Petit-Wasmes, such as the « Maison Denis », the „Salon du Bébé“ and the Marcasse  colliery;
  • The letters Vincent wrote to his brother Theo during his stay in the Borinage;
  • Stories about and locations used for the shooting of « Lust for Life » by Vincente Minelli in 1955, starring Kirk Douglas;
  • The history of the coal exploitation in the Borinage and the start of the Industrial Revolution, with some remainders such as a couple of « dalles » covering the former mine shafts, the concrete pithead of the Sauwartan mine, the Marcasse colliery;
  • The summets of the Sauwartan and the Hornu & Wasmes no. 6 collieries’ slag mountains.
  • Panoramas over the Haine and the Elwasmes valleys, the Colfontaine Forest and the « Marcasse et alentours » natural reserve;
  • The local history and folklore (the Alion festival, the Pucelette, Gilles de Chin and the Dragon, the « Abbaye de la Cour » abbey farm, the “pagnon borain”, …).

Start: 9:30, Place de Wasmes in 7340 Colfontaine (Belgium).

Finish: 18:00, same place

Guide: Filip Depuydt (FR / NL / GB)

Price: 15€/person.

This price includes:

  • Guidance and historic information;
  • Access to the “ Maison Denis”, fully renovated in 2015;
  • Access to the Marcasse domaine, a piece of pagnon borain and a cup of coffee.

Not included:

  • Picknick or lunch  and drinks during the walk. The lunch stop is planned at the « La Clef du Bois » tavern, Rue de Colfontaine 100 in 7301 Petit-Hornu. Possibilities to order a snack there.

Information& inscriptions

Filip Depuydt
T: +32-(0)487-68 58 59
E: filip.depuydt@netc.eu

More information: vangoghborinage.canalblog.com